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Message Subject The earth is NOT 6000 years old.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Thread: Age of the earth

Biological evidence for a young age of the earth
Image: Dr Mary Schweitzer

The finding of pliable blood vessels, blood cells and proteins in dinosaur bone is consistent with an age of thousands of years for the fossils, not the 65+ million years claimed by the paleontologists.
DNA in “ancient” fossils. DNA extracted from bacteria that are supposed to be 425 million years old brings into question that age, because DNA could not last more than thousands of years.
 Quoting: Neesie

Thread: VIDEO: Dinosaur Soft Tissue Destroys Millions of Years Ideas - Do you think Dinosaurs where the Dragons the old timers talk about?

Mary Schweitzer has discovered dinosaur soft tissue numerous times during the last 10 years. This video shows the strongest cases and debunks the evolutionary rebuttals. It also includes amazing video interviews from Schweitzer herself.

I think it pretty silly that people claim "the tissue wasn't soft until chemically treated". I would wonder what they mean by 'soft' but it is completely beside the point! The fact is - the tissue survived. It's condition is irrelevant.

 Quoting: TripleH

Analysis of Dinosaur Bone Cells Confirms Ancient Protein Preservation
[link to www.nsf.gov] 10/23/2012
A team of researchers from North Carolina State University and the Palo Alto Research Center has found more evidence for the preservation of ancient dinosaur proteins, including reactivity to antibodies that target specific proteins normally found in bone cells of vertebrates. These results further rule out sample contamination, and help solidify the case for preservation of cells--and possibly DNA--in ancient remains.

Thread: Dinosaur Blood Extracted From Bone
[link to www.wnd.com] 4/30/2009
Collagen, hemoglobin, elastin, laminin and cell-like structures resembling blood and bone cells have been found in a dinosaur bone scientists still claim is 80 million years old, according to a report in Science magazine today.

Paleontologist Mary Schweitzer of North Carolina State University first claimed to have isolated soft tissues and collagen from a Tyrannosaurus rex leg bone several years ago.

But because the leg was broken during excavation, the evidence was damaged and could never be independently confirmed.

Schweitzer then examined a more pristine leg of a plant-eating hadrosaur excavated from sandstone and found even better samples of soft tissue, according to the report.

“Our findings demonstrated that it did contain basement membrane matrix,” said Lewis Cantley, chief of the division of signal transduction at Beth Israel Deaconess, and a co-author on the Science study. Basement membranes, which degrade and regenerate during development and wound repair, comprise a continuous extracellular matrix that links endothelial, epithelial, muscle, or neuronal cells and their adjacent stroma.

In situ mass spectrometery independently verified amino acids in dinosaur tissues, including the collagen signature amino acid, hydroxylated proline.

While scientists previously questioned the possibility that soft tissue could survive tens of millions of years of fossilization, few seem to be questioning their assumptions that dinosaurs actually went extinct 65 million years ago.

Young earth proponents see something entirely different in the findings. As one creationist noted: “There’s no way this blood could be 80 million years old. The evolutionists are just saying so because they cannot bear the thought of recent dinosaurs causing their millions of years scenario to come crashing down. Without the millions of years, Darwinism is dead, dead, dead.”
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11705783

Thread: There are living dinosaurs today wipes out darwins theory

Cryptozoological Realms


Artwork by Bill Rebsamen

Mokele-mbembe: The Living Dinosaur!

In the jungles of central Africa countries of Congo, Cameroon, and Gabon are reports of animal an animal with a long neck, a long tail, and rounded shape tracks with three claws. The closest known animal that has these characteristics is a sauropod dinosaur.

When some of the local people of the Likouala region would draw in the dirt or sand a representation of Mokele-mbembe they drew the shape of a sauropod dinosaur. Then when they were shown a picture of a sauropod dinosaur they said that picture is Mokele-mbembe.
 Quoting: nobody 799171

MonsterQuest Season 3: Episode 18 - The Last Dinosaur

[link to www.history.com] 6/24/2009
In the jungles of central Africa there may be a living relic of a dinosaur that stalks the rivers and frightens the local inhabitants. The feared creature, known as Mokele-mbembe, or "the one who stops the flow of rivers," is said to closely resemble the enormous long necked and four legged saurpod - a dinosaur that science claims went extinct 65 million years ago.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11705783

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11705783
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