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Message Subject The earth is NOT 6000 years old.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Bible does not teach that the earth is only ~6,000 years old. In fact, it teaches the opposite.

What the Bible does indicate and record is that Adam and Eve were created approximately 6,000 years ago. (ie, Adam and Eve are the ancestors of the white race)

Prior to the creation of Adam and Eve, going back perhaps thousands and millions of years, life existed in previous ages on the Earth. At some point, as indicated by the Bible, this life was destroyed in a great cataclysm, including flooding by water. Genesis 1:2 records that the Creator "moved upon the face of the waters" of this desolated Earth, and then "remade" the Earth and re-created life on the Earth.

This all can be shown from a proper translation of Genesis and other passages in the Bible from the original Hebrew and Greek.

Here's a good resource/link on this:
[link to www.biblestudysite.com]
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