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Message Subject The earth is NOT 6000 years old.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I love how the base of proof for creationist science comes from
A. Other non scientific type creationists.
B. Youtube video created by non science type creationists.
C. A book, clearly compose
d for its stories and not historical fact.

Modern science must be a Marxist, atheist agenda!
It just has to be the work of the devil, because it goes against what my favorite YouTube videos are telling me. Creationists think to themselves, if all modern science is correct, that would make what my favorite book says 100% false and that just can't be. I refuse to believe that everyone is correct, that every scientist is correct.. I want to be different, and so I found a theory, made by religious extreemists, and I became part of that cult, and no we are an oppressed group :'(.. look guys, I get it, you hate women, you hate science, you hate people who don't believe what you do. But I'm an atheist, and I love you guys, I don't want to convert you, I want to let you go on after death, and find there is no heaven. That's fine.
Try to watch some other YouTube videos in your spare time. ;)
Living dinosaurs, do not disprove evolution. It just means the theory is evolving Which is what is so great about science! Nobody is setting these ideas is stone, and forcing it down your throat. We are saying, this is the most complete model we have at the moment, that best describes the way the universe works to the best of our knowledge. To look at just ONE holy book from the long history of religion, and claim that it must contain all knowledge, and all answers, merely because it claims to. The fact that the bible, Along with zero historians, who wrote plenty of things at the same time the bible was being written make no mention of the date of the earth. The bible does not mention the date of the earth. It does however mention accounts (that don't even agree on each other) of human acts that had never taken place, you know, the same allegorical stories contained in the holy books that came before it. for a book to claim that the earth was made in days, is an isult to the wonders of the universe. I feel like it is offensive to the process that happens when planets are created. It's a real crutch, to say that a man made this planet, it really closes the door on trying to figure out what exactly did.
I've got a close friend, who is a transgendered (scary huh?), who is a NASA funded scientist who works on quantum loop gravity.. and I honestly feel like ideas like these are going to eventually disprove the idea of god created earth not just in the near future. I will then be content as a human being, not as man trying to feel like a god, but a man who has enough logic to comprehend a life without the need for one.
My life is not different than when I was a devout catholic, in fact it has been much more liberated. There are no more acts to reconcile with men who pretend to talk to Christ, there is only accountability to myself, and that in itself is much worse, and what drives me to be a better person. I do much more good now, for other humans than when I was convinced that humans were controlled by something we've never seen, heard, tasted or touched. There is no reason to believe in things you've never seen, but science? That you can see, and I encourage the creationists to read some science that wasn't done by other creationsits, I'm reading your links and watching your videos, but you would not watch or read mine? That is the kind of stuff that keeps you in your self contained bubble. I'm going to go back to being a great human/atheist. Bye for now.
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