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Message Subject The earth is NOT 6000 years old.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I feel bad for the guy who was banging rocks apart hundreds of thousands of years ago, just to have people in the 21st century try to have us believe his achievements were rubbish. :(
In a few hundred years, when Christianity dies, like all religions have, we will look back on this moment and laugh. Unless of course we are flying through space, and happen to see a man with flowing white hair just chillin' on a throne like "oh you caught me". Haha!
Go tell those astronauts out in space that science is all wrong, and god allowed them to leave earth. Because if the science doesn't work, they must be just, what, on a magic god rainbow that goes into space?
You can't say the dating methods are incorrect and say that all other science fact is rubbish. If you're a creationist in the US, I encourage to take some advice from the men who created this country, and find a different place to live. Because the real, raw truth, is that we didn't want you here then, and we definitely don't want you here now.
I hear England is going through a major denial of religion altogether, so maybe you guys can migrate to the holy land? It's probably just your kind of place, I hear they have people there that kill each other over their version of which god is real, you guys have a solid argument (Lo fucking l)
I'm sure you'll have them convinced within days of your arrival. :)
From the sun god to the son of god, you've been wrong since forever, and as you become more violent in your lifestyles, we on the side of logic are going to let you destroy yourselves. I see you guys, buying guns, and hiding underground FOR THE RETURN OF HORUS.. I'm sure he will be here any day. Perhaps you guys can pool your money and collect one of every species alive, and put it on a big mythical boat. You know, lions next to the animals it eats, peacefully on a boat with your cult leader in the front as captain with his replica European Jesus hair flowing in the wind. Ah, makes for Roland emmerich movie. Well, say hello to Horus for me. What? What's that? It's not the Horus that is in the bible? Could have fooled me, hmm. Check again, perhaps they just changed the name Horus to Jesus. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what they did there. Clever, now Horusejus can survive from Egypt to Ohio, on the boat next to the zebra and frogs. How's your haladol? Is it strong enough this morning?
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