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Message Subject The earth is NOT 6000 years old.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There not in for any shock, because as I stated and is common knowledge people who are in such a cult, would refuse truth no matter how damaging to their character or psyche. They're pretty cemented in their belief, not so much because they believe it really, Moreso because they feel a sense of belonging to like minded individuals in the cult. You can see the ring leaders, as easilly as you can turn on a television and watch a money hungry televangelist sell his latest dvds and book series. The charasmatic television personalities, no so different than a Jim Jones.
With their degrees from online schools, and limited knowledge of anything that takes place in the normal world. Also why they seek to seperate themselves into large constructs or confines, because they've lost touch with reality, and with people in general. Yet, as history tells us, even in the face of extreem let down, and deceit Ted haggard doing methodone and solicitating young male prostitutes, they refuse to step away from the cult, citing some true purpose, but what is really just the quintessential human need to belong. After becoming outcasts, they latch into the idea of a god that accepts them for who they are, mostly because they themselves are the immoral, scum of society, who are certified insane, yet claim the non believer is everything they themselves embody. The more that these 'faithful' resort to sad namecalling, and accusations that the heretic is what is wrong with civilization, the easier it is to see the truth. They are frightened people, who internally keep feelings about themselves in, and instead of dealing with these inadequacies, they cast the light on anyone who hasn't accepted them. These are dangerous people. And they get all the more dangerous when they begin to influence those who create law, or serve the people. There is a real danger in how far they will go extend the cult into your everyday lives. We must be careful. When one starts to speak of a young world, or schools teaching creationism, we must weed these people from society. They hold us back. They want to keep us in an age of scientific stagnantion where the bible is the only answer, and the leaders of their cult profit from these ideas, while the members are merely their means to an end. Very scary stuff here folks. Don't take it lightly.
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