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Message Subject The earth is NOT 6000 years old.
Poster Handle MHz
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sigh Wrong about many counts:

1) radioactive dating failures are numerous when dating rock of known age resulting in an erroneous age. It is not an accurate method at all largely due to weather and erosion.

2) Genetics remain constant according to Mendel's Laws on Genetics. This was in contrast to the claims made by Lamarck and Darwin who claimed one creature would become another. DNA itself does not last longer than 10kyears. Any found would be younger than that.

3) better dating methods are the observed erosion rates.

4) the genome of what exactly?

5) true - the one with no evidence has zero credibility. Obviously there is a conspiracy.

6) Science and evolution theories are two different things.

7) Jesus spoke about the flood of Noah "taking them all away" as not metaphorically. Everyone was killed in a global flood, and all the animals giving us the resulting fossil record and sedimentary geocolumn.

8) Now you are an expert on the Bible too? The Bible specifically counts geneologies from Jesus back to Adam.

9) Prophets receive word directly from God who then came to earth that we may know him, recorded by all the historians of the day.

10) They dont allow Freedom in England? You must be mistaken.

I made my way to the lab, where I could actually use a computer and respond in a much more complete fashion. My Iphone has the tendency to autocorrect a lot of my posts, and completely scroll down whilst trying to write the next paragraph.
alright so.

How much water would it take?

or the fictional best seller that is the bible, in this case.
it's obvious who is using logic here. case closed.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27499577

Obviously such complex problems have plagued man for eons. Since you have a calculator all revved up a few bible questions to help it achieve overdrive. The old earth creation fits quite nicely with what science promotes only if there is a factor of 10 as part of the difference in each day. If God determines that we will count days based on the sun and the moon and the seasons the that was changing from 4 BYA and 40K BC. Plants in forest form some 400MYA and no oceans at all. The slow cooling process would have had liquid water at the mountain tops before it collected in the deepest ravines. Then birds, then the sea and finally the land saw life develop on a planet wide scale, except for the garden.

10)Didn't Australia begin as a prison colony, one many times larger than the place voters reside, ... any of those old laws still on the books . The docs I have only go as far as Alberta and the other Provinces being made sovereign nations, it got fucked up after that.

Nor really a Bible topic so here is a freebie, the water originally came in the form of comets that 'floated' down rather than impacting at high velocity. the whole amount of water came from the end of day 3 (forests didn't drink all the water so ponds, then lakes, then oceans from 40MYA to 400,000YA which is when they would have been at the fullest, The weight of water was the last factor in establishing our rotation relation to how we measure time.

9)If a disciple of John the Baptist wrote the Gospel of John would that testimony be as truthful as if John witnessed it himself?

8)In Matthew for Joseph and in Luke for Mary's fathers. That is so you do not lose track of who is involved in the prophecies and events related to the bruises determined in Ge:3:15.By right the Gospel of John should be part of the OT database as John was called to preach by God and his disciples followed all the OT laws to the letter. Revelation also has to be included as the same person wrote both. Any idea what that does to the opinions of the experts that 'had it all figured out' after reading a flawless set of books, one little verse and it all goes to shit.

There was a man sent from God,
whose name was John.

That's the bad news, the good news is the new information help you put all the verses back into a 'reasonable doctrine' that has more verses in it and none can be found that do not add to the house of verses. Then we can wait until it becomes real before we worship anything.

7) As stated before no new water after the seas were full so to get 22ft of rain on all the land areas which is 25% of the whole area the water level would drop 5ft. If the rain clouds picked up the moisture from the ice caps and the oceans were 5 ft higher at the end of the full year. To get water to stand on the high hills and mountain tops God would have had it fall as freezing rain and that is why it was 5 months after rain stopped and the rocks were showing.
Full yer it was back to normal, so to speak.

6)Old earth fits pretty close, using that same sort of formula the time of the verse below is about 3.6BY from now.

Lift up your eyes to the heavens,
and look upon the earth beneath:
for the heavens shall vanish away like smoke,
and the earth shall wax old like a garment,
and they that dwell therein shall die in like manner:
but my salvation shall be for ever,
and my righteousness shall not be abolished.

3)God keeps track of everything that was ever called flesh, when the new earth starts all that same flesh is made alive again for an eternal life in the new earth.

2)God allows for adaptation, what the world was like at the end of day 6 is how it we have always known it. Since this earth id made good and not perfect God is using it as a seed bank for what life begins the period called the new earth.

1)In the longer version the beasts around the throne and in the OT are the seed that all that other life is based on.
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