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Message Subject The earth is NOT 6000 years old.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The main problem in your reply to my well crafted, and almost irrefutable, evidence filled post. Is that you've found yourself backed into a conceptual wall, being able to only use broad terms, which are the basis of stories that are again, not original to the bible. Terms like
'Great flood', 'the garden', men with only first names, with no historical record outside of this one source, ect. These terms confine you to create a timeline not based on the principles of discovery, inquiry, or logic, but a timeline that one can only fill in using extraordinary events that no man has seen or measured. Basically, magic. Having to make sense of a biblical timeline and the series of events therein, causes one to grasp at straws and completely make things up, such as what you've done here with "water filled comets", which I expect what your answer albeit very unsophisticated, to the mathematical paradox that is the biblical flood.
I was sincerely hoping for an educated reply, that would have me at least respecting your character if not your beliefs or logic. None of which you've accomplished with your reply. You've only enforced my concern that those who believe in creationism are, at their core, lost, brainwashed, and in dire need of a science lesson. There are no such things as water filled comets, or men who walk on water. Yet, because forcible men have wanted this true at any cost, we have whole new generations whom signs like the broken record recollection of their elders. Nothing has changed, except the fact that we have more scientific data to prove you wrong, and you've got even an even crazier imagination than ever before.
When you've done your homework, and are ready to admit you cannot best the facts I have presented, nor the sound evidence, we will place you appropriately where your education of science left off. Which I'm guessing is about 4th grade. That's being generous. The math you're doing with fictional dates in your book, they're purely self masturbatory.
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