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Message Subject You can return to or become Roman Catholic, have faith, accept the authority Christ gave...
Poster Handle Lester
Post Content
roman catholics worship the "motherchurch" not God The Father, Christ Jesus God The Son birthed by mary sister of elizabeth...

catholicism denies The Gospel and makes Jesus' Sacrifice for us a sham. Jesus Gave HIS Life To Enable those who Love and Claim HIM to Come Unto The Father and Abide In & With HIM now in this life and after death.

I was catholic up until the moment I gave my life unreservedly to The Father. Very staunch and university taught in the decptions that pass as dogma and catechism/theology. I have 30 hrs of catholic theology and philosophy on my transcript... Wrote a paper on John Cardinal Newman...

As a Born-Again Christian who Abides In and With The Father and HIS SON, I was NEVER Led or Guided to return to catholicism. In fact, I have been Guided to post and witness here on this forum and elsewhere against the lies the rcc promulgates in Jesus and Father's NAME...

I hate the catholic hierarchy with Perfect Hatred as written in The Psalms. catholicism is enmity to God and denies their parishoners the True Legacy of The Gospel.

Your Love For Christ and Knowledge of WHO HE IS is all you need to Come Unto The Father in surrender and Be Born-Again...

Pity you buy into the rcc bullshit and thereby are duped into denying God's Plan and rejection of Christ's Sacrifice.
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