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Message Subject You can return to or become Roman Catholic, have faith, accept the authority Christ gave...
Poster Handle Lester
Post Content
I was listening to Catholic Answers on Catholic radio
yesterday. There is a new lay apologist on board. It was a
Protestant call-in day. This apologist is so articulate.
He's going to convert many to the faith. He has a "way",
sounding kind and wise.

He shared he was Protestant and though he didn't understand
all the faith when he became Catholic with many deep questions
not just the standard objections. He trusted and submitted
and found out later, all his questions were answered. The
Church has the Truth.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20541213

After I was Born-Again, as Scripture Witnesses in Ezekiel 36:26-27; I could understand how john cardinal newman was totally alienated from God and could never Trust HIM.

Newman is one of the catholic "greats". Ever wonder why all the catholic clubs at secular universities are called Newman Hall etc? Newman was Arch-Bishop of Canterbury and then converted...

Pity the man could not find sufficient Trust In God to give his life Unto The Father... Unable to Trust God, so they seek secular entities masquerading as "churches" and denominations.

catholicism is an indoctrination; not like a cult, it is a cult.

The rcc pays only minimal lip service to Jesus. HIS death is what they commemorate in the mass, not What HE Enabled...

When I was Born-Again, I never left the communion I have with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Certainly don't need transmutated host and wine.

Matthew 16:14-18 is not about Jesus making Peter the first pope. The Apostles are telling Jesus the people are calling HIM Elijah. HE asks, "Who do you say I AM?" Peter says, "Thou art The Christ", and Jesus Marvels because HE Knows Only The Father Put that Knowledge ON Peter's heart. This is before Pentecost, remember...

It is The Knowledge of WHO Jesus IS that is "The Rock" upon which HIS Church IS Built.

Many are called, but few are chosen....

catholicism perverts The Gospel to rationalize its obfuscation of The Gospel. There is no explanation for the heresy other than the church hierarchy sold the church to satan for the power and wealth they wield and enjoy.

Yet, God's Will IS ALWAYS Perfect!

catholicism will fulfill the role of the beast that administers the reign of the man-of-sin, who commits the abomination that maketh desolate...

That is how alienated from Father, Son, and Holy Spirit the roman catholic church is...
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