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Message Subject You can return to or become Roman Catholic, have faith, accept the authority Christ gave...
Poster Handle Lester
Post Content
Mary, the woman who birthed Jesus, sister of Elizabeth who was mother to John The Baptist, awaits God The Son's Return like all the other Dead in-Christ; from her grave...

In fact, the whole mary-worship thing did not begin until Constantine conquered many tribes whose religious practices were goddess-worship centered. They wanted a "goddess", so Constantine and the church hierarchy decided that mother-mary could fill the bill.

Priests were able to marry and have families for centuries. No longer true. Unless you are a priest or other clergy (only up to bishop), out of that 4.5 million from church-of-england that re-united with catholicism in 2010. Those priests get to keep their families...

Martin Luther would have re-unioned with rome had they only acknowledged 1 of his 95 Theses. Yet rome would NOT Acknowledge that "the purpose of The Gospel is for men to enter into Direct & Personal Relationship With The Father". Luther loved catholicism, but he Loved The Holy Trinity with Complete Devotion and Fealty.

What the rcc is going to do for the man-of-sin will make the worst of the Spanish Inquisition look like a Baptist Picnic.

satan intends to destroy all flesh before Christ Jesus' Return. the rcc will be his main tool to do so.
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