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Message Subject You can return to or become Roman Catholic, have faith, accept the authority Christ gave...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sadly the catholic cannot understand, or allow him/herself to grasp that no Born-Again witnesses of their "beliefs"...

The delusionary rcc devotee says:
"The big problem, it's so easy to be a non-Catholic Christian,
you get to decide whatever you wish to believe, even one's justification! The times, many many non-Catholic Christians stay home on Sunday, ignore a Commandment, even Catholics now skip Holy Mass on Sunday."

When I made my Leap Of Faith, surrendering self Unto The Father, I Was Brought Into KNOWING, Knowledge By God. Given a NEW HEART as the self-willed carnal-heart my legacy from Adam & Eve was Removed By The Father. I was no longer alienated from HIM, but lived In-HIM and With-HIM, and Through-HIM. Dominus Vobiscum...

Much easier to put your trust & commit your unwavering allegiance to a phony-church than to God The Father. Trouble with catholicism is it subtly teaches that God cannot be Trusted. catholics must trust only "motherchurch" and not follow what God Puts On their hearts...

Pity that you do not Know you serve HIS enemy...
Pity you cannot find submission and surrender Unto HIM within your heart; but neither can most Christians.

Funny how all the original mainline reformation churches Except Baptists have signed re-union treaties with rome and no longer caution their denominations against the catholic errors.

catholicism is a system of denial, a cult that misdirects those who have hearts for-God away from HIM.

catholicism through its catholic charities activities has played a big role in undermining the governments in latin America and the USA with their aid and sponsorhip of illegal aliens and revolution-theology. catholicism is a tool of satan and an enemy of God and all government.
 Quoting: Lester 19057510

Oh Lester, you gotta return just like all the other fallen
away Catholics. The Remnant is Roman Catholic. Go and
make a good Confession and then walk into Holy Mass with
your mom. Didn't you share, you drop her off?

let us be spiritual friend even though we disagree, it is
soon to change with God's help,

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