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Message Subject A New York City cop with a heart of gold
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone who sees that story, goes out and buys a pair of shoes or boots for a homeless person this Christmas ?

 Quoting: Lindalee

You know, it really is a wonderful gesture of kindness and compassion. He's a good hearted man.


I had a friend who worked for a certain charity organization. They gave money to the homeless as well as vouchers so they could go buy clothes from their thrift shops.

Supposidly one voucher people kept repeatidly coming in for was for shoes.

The homeless steal shoes (and other things) from each other, from the "weaker" ones.

Someone above you posted something along the lines of 'why didnt he have shoes in the first place?' I would bet because he is seemingly elderly and easy to steal from.

So sad to think that though this police officer did a wonderful thing for this man, but maybe by tomorrow those shoes might be gone. Especially since they are brand new and in great condition.

:( sad world we live in. People are struggling to survive so they take what they can get even if by stealing.
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