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Message Subject A New York City cop with a heart of gold
Poster Handle Kirk
Post Content
what a genuinely kind man he must be...goes above & beyond the call of duty

thanks for posting, OP... hf

 Quoting: ladyannie2009

I lived in NYC for over 12 years, and I must say that despite the bad press, my experience with the NYC police was always wonderful, whether it was after a mugging on the subway or a breakin

About 20 years ago my sister lived across a street from a weirdo who would routinely get naked, stand on a chair, flash himself whilst shining a high powered spotlight - the kind you might have at an airport - right into the window of the studio apartments across the way...a building mostly inhabited by young career women

Other girls put up with it, but she is feisty, so she finally called the NYPD, and a group of 4 policemen arrived...and one of them said to her, in a strong brooklyn accent:

"honey, we're gonna get this clown...you remind me of my sister, and this makes me angry....

I mean, a lady works hard, a lady comes home, a lady shouldn't have to put up with this shit...."

...and they did. Turns out the guy was an executive at CBS (she lived on far west 57th street), and they paraded him naked through the lobby of his expensive doorman building, took him out to the squad car and took him round the blocks a few times to talk to him....

there are good and bad people where ever you go, and the same goes for the police.

thank heaven for the good ones out there...

 Quoting: IssueX

gitter done.
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