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Message Subject A New York City cop with a heart of gold
Poster Handle StormeyGoddess
Post Content
I for one, believe the story, but who cares if it was staged or not? I believe the point here is that we should all look after each other. If you see someone without shoes or clothes or food and you have the means to do so, be generous. That's how I raise my kids.

Case in point, my 8 year old packed a bag of newer looking toys to donate to "needy" kids...when I tried to explain to him that WE are the needy, he got pissed off at me, explained every reason why we're NOT needy and took the toys to school. He also packed up some of our canned goods to take with him...and i don't think there is anything I could have down to stop him short of beating him into submission, lmao...

(We are needy, lol...my husband walked out on us in september, i didn't have a job at the time, we have no food in the house, etc.) (I got my first paycheck today, am getting caught up on all the bills that the husband so graciously hasn't paid, grr and am taking care of things, btw)

Try explaining that to an 8 year old. My point is that we should be helping other people. There is always someone who is worse off than you...
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