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Message Subject A New York City cop with a heart of gold
Poster Handle whitedove38583
Post Content
Random acts of kindness are what we need more of us in this world. Can be as simple as a heartfelt- genuine nod/smile/non judgemental acknowledgement of anothers plight. Maybe food, clothing, shelter spiritually given with no utter thought regarding one'sgrouphug ego... Respecting another fellow brother/sister whilst honoring their inherent "beingness" and dignity is something to consider as well.

Bottom line, is that we are "truly in this" altogether.
 Quoting: manyeagles

you are 100% correct and everywhere one might go and you think you are really bad off if you look around you will find someone worse off then you are. this thanksgiving i helped deliver 987 turkey dinners, and now that christmas is coming up i have not got anyhing myself, not even a tree but i do have an extra 20 dollars and there is a guy living in a camper, no running water, no lights, he burns kerosine lamp and has wood for to keep warm so i asked online if the county has a local place where i could maybe pick him up a christmas basket, still could not find out where to sign him up with very little info on him except his name so my 20 dollars i am gonna go buy him a basket and a nice card cause i feel bad for him. i have a 1967 camper that is failing in but yet he is much more worse off then me because he has no lights, 1 set of clothes, no running water so in reality even though i may think i am poor i am really rich becvause i have a little more then him. and another thing its not just these holidays, we should do this year round you know, most people want to only give around christmas but we all need to help the less fortunant year round! just sending a card could mean a lot to someone down on their luckred_heart
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