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SPAM - Solar Planetary And Meteor Detection Group

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User ID: 20940257
11/29/2012 06:35 PM
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SPAM - Solar Planetary And Meteor Detection Group
Maybe a lot of you have this link, for those that don't - here:

[link to www.merriott-astro.co.uk]

If you have any other links to share - share 'em.
read for knowledge, not answers.
meteor nutter

User ID: 33151773
United Kingdom
01/27/2013 05:18 PM
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Re: SPAM - Solar Planetary And Meteor Detection Group
I am the owner and admin of the merriott-astro website, the Admin of the SPAM (Solar Planetary and Meteor Network) website and run the associated forum.

Thank you for sharing the URL of the site, I have noticed many referrals from this forum and thought I would pop in and tell you a few things about what we do.

The SPAM network is a series of radio meteor detection stations scattered around the UK. Our base is the Norman Lockyer Observatory, in Sidmouth, Devon in the south west of the UK.
We are all amateurs that are learning day by day what sort of things we are detecting with our systems.

The systems are quite simple in construction, we use a radio receiver and appropriate antenna aimed towards the centre of France where there is a large satellite surveillance radar system in operation 24/7.
Anything that passes through this radar beam that reflects radio waves can be picked up on earth. We have yet to fully determine the exact area of sky each detection system can see but we are sure we are seeing objects from the central UK to as far south as central France, and maybe beyond.

We have detected many things with these systems, meteors, the moon (google moon bounce), the ISS, other satellites and space junk returning to earth. We detected a Soyuz Rocket booster re-entry over Europe in December 2011.
Some stations (especially the ones on the European mainland can also detect airplanes as they pass through the radar beam, and we believe at times we can detect aircraft as they land at Charles De Gaulle airport in France.

It seems that many of your members here have spent time with the "multi-screen" on their computers, I read someone has it as a type of screen saver when they are ironing, oh well, whatever floats your boat I guess!

FYI we have added an audio feed link recently and this can be accessed from the www.merriott-astro.co.uk.spam3D.htm page (link to audio top right)

IF you check out our RMOB page you can see when we get most of our detections.
(RMOB is run by another entity and can be found at RMOB.org)

I hope the above is of interest to you and would gladly answer any other questions you may have.
Cliff Tate
User ID: 35106810
United Kingdom
03/18/2013 04:48 AM
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Re: SPAM - Solar Planetary And Meteor Detection Group
They banned me from spam networks forum just cos i run me own meteor / infrared skycam site for ufo's :)
[link to middlesbroughmeteors.tk]

just cos i asked them to be member so i can show some my compared meteor screen data.
and they not very public friendly spam network!
more like spam off!