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Message Subject I Put Up The Biggest Christmas Tree I Have. Ask Me A Question!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I never take mine down they are real tree trunks with life like branches.
You can not hardly tell them from fake.

I leave them all year round they are inside and out side n my front porch.

I keep the ones inside light up with clear lights for their happy light. They help light up this huge creepy tall walled place.

The ones out side I do not light up because the wrens nest in the natural bird nests I put in those tress.
And there are bees that use them as well bumble bees. They live in the trunks they bore holes into.

I leave them for the out side to block the sun and they can use them.

I never put anything on them but small resin birds they already had real pine cones. The birds nests I added and some moss. The trees already had stray twigs in the trees arranged that way.

There are small ones and lager ones together like family grouping of trees.

I find them comforting softening to this house they make it feel more life like. They take away the confinement and creepy from the house.

They fill in the lonely looking spots with the outdoors and life lively looking.

I love the Winter Christmas season the Fall Thanksgiving and Halloween.

I love the seasons the color the decorations that are happy and bright. Little pumpkin faces and all colors of leaves even crows.

I love the Christmas time winter song bird like black capped chickadees and cardinals and such.

I even like the people wearing funny tee shirts and sweatshirts even funny hats.
The stores all happy decorated and the streets.

Every things is happy it just comes to life with a time of happy and playful with cheer.

I have Christ every day 24/7 He is here but the people I have learned are not always.

You miss them when they are gone. You miss them when things go back to the same grind stone.

You miss seeing them happy even if it is just for a moment you saw them.

I actually dreamed we were having a dinner out side with family and friends.
We wound up having to call it off and go back inside.
And as we were taking everything back in my cat was walking with me back into the house.

And he said "But I wanted to eat out side to".

That was so crazy to look down at his little face and hear that little voice saying it wanted to eat out side to.

That was a sad dream.
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