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So far, after the first page of seeing all you idiots disagree with psszzz,and then trying to rationalize this with your own nonsense. I am comfortable to say,it is A good thing that PSSZZZ has many PhD's. Because, the rest of you screwballs amount to a ball of wax combined as far as IQ goes.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18011081

Let's look at the facts,shall we? The past two and a half years on this site at least. Who has been the one who has been correct on just about everyone of their warnings and predictions of the most serious issues? I don't think it was any of you screwball idiots who so far disagree with this new PSSZZZ connected thread. Right, it was PSSZZZ .

So,I and many other rational and intelligent people ask ourselves this question? Who's comments and opinions would I trust more on these issues concerning the Physics of the universe? Would I listen and believe the screwball idiots on these matters of the physics of the universe,who have rarely ever been right? Or would I listen to the person who has an immense and correct track record in the past two or three years and right on just about every estimation and predictions when it comes to the laws of physics of the universe?

Umm, I think I will go with the safe bet. PSSZZZ,over a bunch of half baked screwheads!!!!

Sorry, I just can't make stupid bets with the no sense idiots in the room.
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