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Message Subject WTF these people on welfare?
Poster Handle Indego
Post Content
What the hell is wrong with them?

We struggle to support our families and them too and THEY bitch and complain?
......my food stamps were cut by $5 , I only get $1500 a month check.....
......can't use food stamps on diapers....why can't I buy beer and smokes with my card.....I had an ambulance take me to the ER for a toothache and had no way to get back home....traded food stamps for a joint....

I'll bet every single one voted for him!

Ever see the cars they drive? The jewelry they wear? The steaks in their shopping cart? Obviously they all have computers and Internet service or they wouldnt have posted here.....I go to the library.

What the HELL!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25672410

First not most of them can vote so don't be. To fuckin stupid, ex felon can't vote. Then the public assistance programs ... Don't get me started it's to frustrating to explain , I await the day they end it and reduce gov spending by billions a month forcing the lazy slackers to get jobs to support themselves and their herd of illigitament rug rats or just die simply put sounds harsh but it would be a means of population control and in an accelerated method to the laws of nature trimming the sick weak and feeble. Or better said the welfare bums and bumettes ...
... Laugh if you'd like at the "bling" and the ride knowing that they live in a government cardboard box or disposable housing... But hey so do you so deal with it .

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