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Message Subject which college degree should my daughter get?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
DON'T become a doctor. I'm in the country's largest medical center and medical doctors are quitting left and right. She can become a nurse, and teach nursing, nurses will always be needed and not under govt control as a business entity

Another thought is that the nursing homes will all go under under obamacare. If she can start some kind of business that covers for that need, I think it would be very profitable. Maybe a business for home bound care and hospice. But set it up like a charity so you can wiggle under some obamacare regulations.

Keep up with the piano, when shif she can teach piano, play it for extra pay. We all need a side job type of thing just in case.

But truly, do you think anyone will have a job just because of their degree? And are you sure you can pay all the tuition. I've heard some of the younger doctors say if they can't pay off their education, they will be required to work for the govt for at least 5 years. They refer to it as a govt slavery.

I would consider a trade because with all the small businesses closing, trades will be in highest demand.

As far as anesthesiologists, not bad as a hospital based physician, however be prepared for govt interference. I don't talk to an anesthesiologist but I do know an anesthetist and he is afraid he may be ordered to do something....I really don't want to mention here what.....maybe you can guess.

Why not a pathologist? In a lab, no patient contact, hospital based so no business regulations, 9-5 job (even radiologists work 24/7 shifts), can switch to research if things go bad, even switch to police work.

Sorry if I sound like I'm rambling, just trying to help you think through options.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25672410

So there will be a govt program to pay off med school debt if you work for govt 5 years? That sounds pretty good actually. You work for the govt the first 5 years of your career, and you emerge as an EXPERIENCED doc debt-free.

If all the bureaucracy of Obamacare doesn't make you hate medical practice, then I'd keep that option open.

Hard to imagine that nursing would ever be better than medicine. The pecking order isn't that way.
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