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Message Subject Ice-age has hit here
Poster Handle K.Kool
Post Content
It has been the longest stretch of hot, humid weather ever

(anecdotally superlative ;)

even the nights are hot, more people than ever are sitting outside sipping cold beer
is this a sign of the end?

They tried to cull a few sharks in Margaret River, ended up with a bay full of berley and no sharks, my nephew told me they can swim below 130 m for days and days along deep currents,
in these parts, we just don't think about it
it would ruin the surfing.

(I'm going surfing today with my nephew, shark block active)

It was bizarre, talking to Ossie bloke in north Queensland, him in thermals due to cold and me sweating in the early morning..
its all back-to-front
and I like it.

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