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Message Subject The POPULARITY of the COCONUT reaches ALL-TIME HIGH!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
 Quoting: AtsuiPanda

Coconut Water has been heavily advertised on the market for a while now (not to be mixed up with Coconut Milk) as a hot health-drink, but did you know that it has the SAME electrolyte balance as our blood plasma? Coconut Water is one of the biggest sources of electrolytes out there and is almost identical in composition to human blood plasma. In fact, during the Pacific War, coconut water (taken straight from a coconut, it acts as a universal donor) was used as emergency blood plasma transfusions to wounded soldiers. Apparently, this is still done in some third world countries. Wild, right? Since coconut water is always nestled into a coconut, it is always sterile and ready to drink (or inject), because the layers of the coconut act as a filter. (Disclaimer: these are facts about what some people do in EMERGENCY situations, mainly in the past. In today's world, coconut water is around for us to rejuvenate our blood with electrolytes by drinking it.)

[link to www.styleandwisdom.com]
 Quoting: Person445

My Dad told me this too. It was also later confirmed by my uncle.

But seriously, this is correct and I have a newfound love of coconut water.
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