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Message Subject the korean girl two cubicles down from me.................
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
RUN..just kidding...SPRINT AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM HER!!! You have no idea how damaged those goods are! I have been to Korea many times and know of too many cases where guys married Korean girls who were only interested in getting to America. Once here (and married) the marriages lasted 5.0000 years. Notice the accuracy in that number...5.0000 - literally the 5 year and 1 day mark...the Korean chick would hand the American dude divorce papers. They (the Korean chicks) were willing to do almost anything to get out of that country and away from Korean men. The damage done to that chick has already taken place. She may seem like a "well established and fine" young lady...but, underneath is a boiling cauldron of problems - sprint away as fast as your feet will take you!
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