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Message Subject what are the advantages and disadvantages of declaring personal sovereignty???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It doesn't work anywhere. They still lock your ass up when you don't pay taxes and give you a $10,000 fine when you drive without a licence and insurance.

I wish it worked, believe me. And I studied it hoping to find it would. Some of it may be correct, for instance, we do have a right to travel on the highways. Driving is a right. In 2007 I went up on a driving without insurance charge. I found a BC Provincial Supreme Court case from 1956 where the judges ruled that driving is a right. They said we still have to prove proficiency in automobile driving. but once that is done, there is no further limits to that right.

I brought that into court and argued based on that, mandatory auto insurance is an infringement on my rights to travel the king's highways. The judge totaly ignored the part that said the right goes back to "times immemorial" and ruled that the decision is too old, cancelled out by new legislation and basicaly, fuck you and your rights that go back 800 or 1000 years.

Even when you have them beat on a legal ground that is not even questionable, they just ignore it and find you guilty. When you start talking personal sovreignty to a judge, it's just immediate, you're fucking guilty.

Read up on because there is some interresting material there and some, a few, legal techniques do work. Just don't believe everything you hear. 99% is uttter bullshit.
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