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Message Subject what are the advantages and disadvantages of declaring personal sovereignty???
Poster Handle Goodmen
Post Content
Disadvantages winding up in jail because you don't obey easy to obey laws. If the laws had an opt out don't you think every rich persons lawyer would be advising them to say the magic opt out words?
 Quoting: Fred 21515285


Whats also funny is when I debate these people (who claim the Judges all know these "magic words" and have to obey) I bring up Judges being imprisoned and busted for things- Including Links- And I ask why the judge didnt just use the FMOTL concept... Or why judges dont just "claim houses" with a newspaper ad (another scam they pitch)-

Of coarse this is never answered. I am told- "If you want to be a slave, dont believe us" - or I am a "shill".

But these people are conmen. making cash selling bullshit dreams and getting their "followers" in lots of trouble. Recently a couple who used menards program for claiming houses (with newspaper ads) were jailed for B and E... Of coarse he closed the thread on his Forum... They are excellent at censorship on their own forums.
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