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Message Subject what are the advantages and disadvantages of declaring personal sovereignty???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The current "justice" system is based on fiction, deception, and trickery. It can not hold itself up and its only a matter of time before the Truth prevails.
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That may be true, but right now they own the system and you're not getting out without a fine. In fact in Canada it is a fact that if you demand your right to a trial on a charge like an auto insurance fine you automaticly get double the fine you would have if you had just plead guilty.

I've gone both ways. It's a thousand if you plead and 3500 if you go to court. You're fucking guilty no matter what either way. I can tell you why they do that.

The first time I went in and asked for a trial there was a docket of about 150 cases in the court that morning. One ofter the other we all waited our turn. I was the only one to demand a trial. Judge sent me to the clerk's office to book a date. I went in there and the clerk pulled out the schedule book and opened it up to the first available day. There was a total of 6 slots open. Three in the morning and three in the afternoon. You tell me how they're going to fit 150 trials into 6 slots for that entire week?

If everybody who went in there in one day said fuck it I demand a trial... there would be an immediate 25 week backup of cases. Next week it would be 49 week backup. In one month it would be two years and every case thereafter would have to be thrown out on speedy trial grounds. That's why they don't want you going to trial.

If we all had the guts to bite the bullet and go to trial on everything, none of us would ever reach court. That's how close (and how far) we are from winning.
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