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Message Subject what are the advantages and disadvantages of declaring personal sovereignty???
Poster Handle Goodmen
Post Content

Excellent. Are you a FMOTL? Its only a fiction if it isnt enforced... Me saying I can claim a house IS a fiction. Laws are "fictions" only if they are not enforced.

Go drink and drive and flip off a cop while doing it (of coarse without plates and insurance since those are fictions as well) then tell them the law is a fiction and see what happens- you wil be paying your lawyer and fines with your fictional fiat dollars which you will earn with REAL sweat- once you get out of real jail.
 Quoting: Goodmen 16778386

Just because evil and corruption have enforcers does not mean it is right. People will look back in hindsight at these times and laugh at how much shit humans put up with. You have been programmed from day 1 to conform and obey no matter the law, code or statute. The United States has become nothing but a nation of "laws". Tens of thousands of laws on the books that even the judges can't keep up with. Producing more and more criminals out of everyday people. It is people like you that will be laughed at in the end. Truth always prevails in the end. Corruption knows no bounds and it will destroy itself.
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Okay. You make some interesting points. its ALL a fiction. its ALL the law of the jungle. You have nothing more than you can protect and when you are old, weak or sick others could take it because there really is no law.

Might makes right. That is the law.

"Law" since Hammurabi is a collective set of values we agree upon (or is imposed upon us) but everything is a fiction. Sure. But its enforced by people with more power than you.

Nations are fictions as well- But ...

You are taking a philosophy and trying to place it in reality. Philosophically its all a fiction.
 Quoting: Goodmen 16778386

I never said anything about having NO law. Common law is all that is needed for a society. You can not violate someone else, their property or possessions. Instead what we have now, they can fine or imprison for damn near anything they want. That is the extreme.
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Yes, I get that.

The system is corrupt as hell in a million ways (I could tell you personal stories of my misadventures with the "justice" system)- I do not defend the system and actually staunchly oppose it.

My point is only about the fact that the FMOTL stuff is a scam- And somehow we got on freedom of religion... Just because the "system" is corrupt doesnt mean the conmen who oppose it are correct.
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