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Message Subject what are the advantages and disadvantages of declaring personal sovereignty???
Poster Handle Goodmen
Post Content

Yup, you are a FMOTL or Sovereign. Heard the same thing a million times. nearly the same words (do you guys have a copy/paste site)

"prove jurisdiction"- I do not have to. Your Shit doesnt work, never has and never will. Tell it to the Judge. I challenge you to go drive without plates and insurance (something you guys claim is your "right" to "travel") and film it. Then post the results.

-Ask the Officer and Judge the Jurisdiction question.

You guys are too cute.
 Quoting: Goodmen 16778386

I have done it. And screw you and your labels, I am a living man with unalienable rights,endowed by my creator, prove otherwise. You putting labels on me does not make it true, so keep them to yourself.

You typing words here does not make you have some magic power that makes you right and me wrong.

Prove YOUR jurisdiction that I am not free, right here, right now.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20901334

Those not familiar with you and your ilks voodoo are getting a prime example right here of how nuts you guys are.

"prove your jurisdiction" is all you say when we are having a discussion. The burden of proof is not on me, friend. I do not claim to know the secrets of making Judges and Police quake in fear by my superior knowledge.

Does anyone really believe you could stand there (not giving a name) in front of a Judge, question his Jurisdiction and then...Walk... I mean...Really, lol.?
 Quoting: Goodmen 16778386

Still waiting for your proof, big talker.

And yes, I have done it more than once, so whatcha got?

Prove it or shut up, wanker.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20901334


I posted a 200 page thread where Rob Menard (major FMOTL leader and lecturer) tries to use those same arguments and after YEARS still has not one piece of proof.

Claim after claim after claim (with people trying this shit getting jailed) always becomes "they didnt do it right" (after spending THOUSANDS to "learn" how to do it.)

Then you idiots try playing internet lawyer and asking things like "prove your jurisdiction"

Look, the burden of proof is on you. Your shit doesnt work. its a joke and you are a liar...If not, prove it. I am not making claims, I am laughing at yours.

So what do I have to prove? Want links to major news stories? Want more links to other Gurus who never have proof? And these guys are the "masters" who give lectures on this shit. Since they cannot prove it neither can you because it is LIES. =)

Or is this menard? If so I miss you on Randi and on Icke and your new scam of making your own money didnt work too well huh?
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