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Message Subject what are the advantages and disadvantages of declaring personal sovereignty???
Poster Handle Goodmen
Post Content

Is there any evidence of this ever working?
I have been following this for years and personally have spoken with menard and several others and never (not once) have they done anything but make claims.

When the plethora of evidence is shown of people being arrested for this they claim" they did it wrong" (even though they received their advice (paid for it) from the very same gurus.

Its difficult to prove a negative. Prove to me Puirple fairies do not inhabit the White house? hmmmm, you cannot, so they must- BUT it doesnt work this way. If I make the claim about these fairies the proof is on me.

Something FMOTL cannot grasp since thus far there is no proof but lots of claims and stories and "I know a guy" who got feree Houses, Millions for birth certificates and the Police cannot mess with them even when they "travel" with no plates.
 Quoting: Goodmen 16778386

I have no idea who this menard or whatever the other name is and I'm not going to google it because I do not care who they are. It is your choice to believe in the fiction and I'm not about to stop you or anyone else from doing so. My Truth comes from within, I have no internet links. There are scams all over the internet and that is what your focus is on. Maybe these people you speak of are purposely sabotaging their "clients". Remember, ALL sides are controlled.
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I think we can agree with that.

Menard is the most popular of the FMOTL- He does lectures, sells videos , gives "advice" (for money) and has even been featured in several major news shows.

My interest in FMOTL came from a belief in it. Started with the "Gold Trimmed Flag" meaning Admiralty Law and the idea that I could possibly cash in on my birth certificate- Saw some very plausible stuff- BUT I studied it like a madman and then talked about it with an Uncle who was a Judge (Retired)-

In about a year I realized it was bunk- Even if certain elements may be correct the Courts do not abide nor do anything they do not wish to do. I saw several people try their tactics and end up in alot of trouble.

I have kept a very keen interest in this and have followed the goings on of the FMOTL/Sovereigns and am 100% sure their methods do not work and they lead people into trouble (and also profit from mostly poor people looking to have some power over their lives in these fucked up times)
 Quoting: Goodmen 16778386

A year? Wow, you really were dedicated, look, I have been doing this for over 5 years now and I have personally tried almost everything for myself.

I made mistakes, I spent time in jail, but after I paid my dues, like anything, I got my reward.

They will not let their slaves go easy, there is a price to pay.

You do not want to walk the walk and take the chances, so be it, but I have and will continue.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20901334

-What I said was I studied it extensively for a year before realizing it was bunk...Never really stopped studying it. Its been several years now and still have not seen any proof.

These threads with you guys are pretty much the same- "You did it" okay, maybe you did- But where is the proof? And if so many have supposedly done this why is there no real proof anywhere.

Ahhhhh- Its a conspiracy....But then, why werent the Original gurus silenced when they first started giving lectures?
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