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Message Subject what are the advantages and disadvantages of declaring personal sovereignty???
Poster Handle Goodmen
Post Content

I have no idea who this menard or whatever the other name is and I'm not going to google it because I do not care who they are. It is your choice to believe in the fiction and I'm not about to stop you or anyone else from doing so. My Truth comes from within, I have no internet links. There are scams all over the internet and that is what your focus is on. Maybe these people you speak of are purposely sabotaging their "clients". Remember, ALL sides are controlled.
 Quoting: 422

Here goes "I have done it myself"!!

It may not be proof for others, but I DID IT, I can provide you no court record because I HAVE NO LEGAL NAME for there to be a court record.

I really don't care if anyone believes me or not, but I did it and people were there to see it happen.

THEY have NOTHING without MY AGREEMENT that I am a PERSON, Defendant, the Charged, the person, whatever.

For me to agree with any label they offer is CONSENT and self incrimination, do not GIVE IT and they do not HAVE IT.

Everything else falls flat for them when you know the game.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20901334

LOL. So there isnt a case number? A docket number? They said "well, you have no legal name so you are not chargeable- I guess we will let you go and destroy the records"

-Dude, c'mon...I mean...Really???? There is always a docket number since its there before you see a Judge. Also usually easily verified online (even the Transcripts) if its a large Court system.
 Quoting: Goodmen 16778386

Yes, really. Why would I give a shit about their numbers and docket number, it has nothing to do with me, at all. I do not trespass on their legal land.

How, exactly, would I have the case or docket number for a case that does not have anything to do with me?

See, you are ignorant because you still think you somehow need their permission or OKAY to be free, that is slave thinking, dude, get over it.

I do not need to ASK THEM, nor even notify them (an idiot concept from Rob and others).

Oh, and I do not need YOUR permission to be free either, nor any damn private court record.

Stop believing in the magic and the magic loses its power.

Keep on slaven on, I am sure your retired judge uncle would never be wrong about the system that paid him well for all those years.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20901334

OH so you know Rob? Hows he doing (dissipated into thin air a few months ago after his latest failure)

No, you do not need my permission to do anything. I do not want any power over anyone as that isn't me... I do not care what you do or how you live and IO respect the spirit.

The difference between us isn't one of Free man or Slave - But of perceptions. I really could give two shits about the law as long as I am not hurting another person- Nor do I give a shit what anyone else does if they are not hurting me or my own- But I know that when I break the law (even stupid ones) getting caught means a fine and/or jail.

I know my Rights (if they can be called that) but I also know dirty cops who do not care about your rights, will lie and the damn entire system will back them- Thats reality. Even when a police Officer breaks a law (illegal search and seizure for instance) all he has to do is say you "gave him permission" and it is your word against his (happened to me-) and they really could give a shit about your side of the story.

My problem is with people talking about how this works so well and then (usually) trying to sell the information to generally down on their luck people. Telling them how to claim free houses (for a fee of coarse) or sign their name to pay for anything (also taught for a fee) and then these trusting people end up in some shit.

I have witnessed more scamming in the FMOTL/Sovereign movement than in just about anything else- And still no proof. As people (not the gurus) FMOTL are rett cool and like me generally dont give a shit what other do- I would love to have neighbors with that philosophy... But of it actually working in a court or with the Police? All I have ever seen is failure after failure.

-So if your success was real (I am not a psychic) forgive me for using my past experience with these people to have trouble believing it in absence of proof.
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