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Message Subject what are the advantages and disadvantages of declaring personal sovereignty???
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For some people no matter how much "proof" you put in front of them, it will never be enough. I do not care if you believe what I say or not. It is my Truth and it is as simple as that. It makes no difference to me at all if you reject what I say. You have your choice in believing what they call themselves FICTION. Many people turn away from Truth and there will be many more.
 Quoting: 422

...But thats the thing. I have seen NO PROOF (nor has anyone else) just people saying things (which isnt proof)-

I would love to see something...Anything. because damn, I will get a free house, a million for my birth certificate and smoke cannabis all day in front of the police station - I WANT IT TO WORK...
 Quoting: Goodmen 16778386

I know nothing about what you speak of. A free house? A million for birth certificate? I've never heard any of this. I do know that when you are born a trust is created with that birth certificate but I know nothing about "cashing in" on that. That sounds like a scam to draw people in but I have no idea on that. There is no True easy way in this life.
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Oh hell yeah- its part of the Doctrine.

That thread I linked a few pages back goes into everything... It IS a scam.

They believe if there is an unoccupied House they can place an ad in the Paper saying they will "Claim" the house if nobody disputes the Claim in like 90 days (I am totally paraphrasing this and probably not 100% accurate)- Then in 90 days or whatever- They move in and own the house.

MANY people have been jailed for this. It does not work.

The BC thing- Yes, they claim there is a secret way to cash it in for all the Money attached to it (of coarse you have to pay them your imaginary money to learn the trick)- It also does not work.
 Quoting: Goodmen 16778386

Well, like I said earlier, these people you speak of could very well be sabotaging the Truth. Sounds like they have some Truth mixed in with twists. Typical of scammers. It ends up making what is Truth thrown out with the lies that were mixed in. Like I also said earlier, ALL sides are controlled.
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