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Message Subject what are the advantages and disadvantages of declaring personal sovereignty???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I suppose the thousands of people who gave their lives to have a republic are "jerks" to you?

The thread Op asked what are the advantages of declaring personal sovereignty.

The question assumes we are not sovereigns to begin with, which means there is no republic, no people, must slaves who must "declare" they are no longer slaves or peons.

What is sad is the fact that the slave mentality is so indoctrinated into the minds of men that we have to declare or ask permission to live our lives.

It is the mind of a simpleton or idiot who thinks that some group of people can write shit down on paper and via some process of legality, it becomes binding on all men. Then, if you choose to turn your back on such sociopaths, you are somehow misguided or a criminal and force can be used to make you comply.

It is stupidity on every level, and frankly, people who make fun of those who teach the truth of the matter are the insane ones.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20901334

Those who believe they have a right to run my life for me are indeed jerks to me in my opinion. They want to take my life away from me and give it to the empire, that's murder and I would consider a murderer to be a jerk no?

I agree that one need not declare personal sovereignty as they are already sovereign entities in their natural state of being, born free like any bird, tiger or fish. Those who believe in their own fictions are not simpletons, in my opinion, but simply misguided. A few thousand years of foolishness is not likely to vanish over night. You see they've been beaten by their peers just as they beat their peers, beaten into submission. People don't like to think of themselves as cowards, in many cases they will lash out violently to prevent themselves from realizing their own servitude or cowardice.

I believe the legal definition of insane is not knowing right from wrong so you have a point in calling those who would deny freedom insane, they choose to believe in falsehood rather than truth. The truth is that the written word has no control, it has no power to be worshiped, but they believe otherwise which can easily be considered insanity.

What I mean to say is in our effort to show them the error of their ways and free ourselves from the imaginary prison created by our ancestors we not become them by using the same manipulative tactics they use. While we desire to be free I do not think we should enslave either.

For me the goal is not to defeat them, but to save them from their own misguided insanity. To treat them as they treat you is to become them, but to treat them as you wish they to treat you is to become you.

This is not the easiest thing to do and I admit that I make my mistakes just like any other, but I do my best and will continue to improve myself and my demeanor towards others.

As far as the advantages of personal sovereignty... Peace, the ultimate reward. War is based off of the warring parties vying for control of one another. If we no longer fight for control then there is peace.
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