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Message Subject what are the advantages and disadvantages of declaring personal sovereignty???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yet that is how Government gets what they want, bombs, guns and threats of violence, and look how people flock to their rulers and will kill, maim and destroy others who do not follow along, but the "leaders" will never do the dirty work themselves! Why? Because they know the inner destruction it will bring to their own life, they need others to knowingly kill and harm for them thus shielding themselves from the evil it brings.

This thread is a perfect example of it.

The few are awake to the deception and the majority want us to suffer for it, threats of jail, videos of armed thugs putting people in cages...

But a free, living man has no reason to prove anything to anyone and because our being free is a FACT, it requires no other man to AGREE with it, it remains, the FACT.

I do not see the need to "attract" people to freedom, people LIKE being enslaved and told what to do, the relish and love it.

Until they love and relish freedom more than servitude to other men, they cannot be brought out of their slavery, it cannot come from without, but only from within.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20901334

I wouldn't say people flock to governments necessarily, but in many cases they see no other option. If we look around the world and see how the acts of war committed by the United States serves to make other nations flee away from the US. There is much anti-American sentiment around the world today and I believe they bring such upon themselves with their iron fists. The same could be said for many nations though, Iran frightens many others and so too does Israel.

I feel you are correct in the sentiment that a person has nothing to prove to anyone. The mere fact that you exist is proof that you deserve to exist in my opinion. You need not prove your worth to society by conforming to their idea of marketable value any more than a single ant needs to prove his worth to the rest of the colony. The ant colony is one of the most successful species on the planet and they do not require their citizens to prove themselves.

Now as I see it people have been living under the heel of empires for so long they simply don't know any other way of life. Mine is to show them that another way does exist. Their decision to be free must come from within indeed, but before they can make that decision they need to know that the option exists.
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