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Message Subject Sooo..NYC Fast Food Workers Went On Strike. Want a Union.
Poster Handle thomowen20
Post Content
"Bussed in UNION thugs.....AGAIN.

Just think....they want McDonalds to pay them $15.00 (up from the 7.50-9.50) they pay them now.

Guess what happens to McDonalds food prices?
....then guess what happens to their ENTIRE business as a result when people stop buying due to high prices?

F*cking Socialists."

Labor is not the only expense. So the prices would not go up so much as you might think and the employees will be doing a bit better.

Price increases that you do see in the fast food arena may also be a boon to locally owned small scale dining establishments.

For a realistic look at how much labor costs impact a restaurants and other business check out these sources:

[link to smallbusiness.chron.com]


[link to www.ehow.com]

and the straightdope forums on specifics.

[link to boards.straightdope.com]
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