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Message Subject Sooo..NYC Fast Food Workers Went On Strike. Want a Union.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
1) So the owner is supposed to take LESS and LESS money (profit) for his efforts starting and running that franchise?


2) Free money??? What free money??? This ain't no government operation! 1rof1

3) Businesses can always adapt? Hysteria is FAKE???
You are kidding right? blink wtf

Have you been away on MARS for the last 4 years???
Do I REALLY need to list the all the permanently BANKRUPT and DEFUNCT companies that couldn't do what you say.

Two EASY examples to prove how full of crap you are....

1) GM (saved by Obama union thuggery)
2) Hostess


Now ....
 Quoting: Burt Gummer

1) Yes, they are. Do you really think they are living slim? They are raking in tons of money at the expense of their workers, moran!

2) The only free money was given to these big businesses when Obama bailed out a substantial amount of them. Do you think any of that free money funneled down to the workers, or to the customers? It lined the pockets of the already rich.

3) Businesses can't adapt? So people who work in these companies should be forced to take less and less of the money whereas the people who own the companies should continue to rake in the lion's share? Yes, owners deserve their money, but so do the people who make them their money in the first place!

4) cruise There was no 4, just wanted to say how stupid you are. You have bought into the propaganda that you have been spoon-fed, about unions being a bad thing. Yes, unions CAN be a bad thing, but so can corrupt business leadership that hoards the majority of the profits for themselves!

Obviously these are NOT small businesses, you think that McDonald's, KFC, and Burger king are losing tons of money?

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