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Message Subject Sooo..NYC Fast Food Workers Went On Strike. Want a Union.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is why I'll never grow my business large enough to unionize.
 Quoting: LunaticFringe

You won't have to deal with union hassles--but your employees will still benefit from unions. See, let's say you have a widget shop. You make and repair widgets. So does a big union shop in the nearest large city.
You are in a smaller suburban city. Who do you hire? Widget makers, of course. Do you prefer the ones you have to train or the ones the union has trained? Depends on you.

My dad liked to train his men. He hired at state minimum wage. He gave them wages when they could do the work or higher wage men. He had the time and expertise to do that.

But you may prefer union trained workers. Good thing unions have standards.

Now how are you going to attract them? Yours is a small shop. Some like that. You are out in the suburbs. A lot of people like that. You pay half what the union shop pays..just kidding,,, you could NOT. You can offer it. A single mom who has to meet the school bus might go for it. A kid who can't get into the union might. But most of your people are going to look at their options, and run their own cost benefit. Most of your better workers will earn the union wage.

But you don't have the hassle of dealing with the union. You and your employees still benefit from their esistence. So you may as well support them.

If your business has some setback--the widget is replaced by a better product and you didn't see it coming--you'll be glad to take a union job with your ex employees--just until you retrain in the new thing and start over.

See how beautiful and "win-win" labor unionism is?
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