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Message Subject Sooo..NYC Fast Food Workers Went On Strike. Want a Union.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I never understood why some professions have unions and others don't. Mailmen have a union. Fast food workers don't. Working at McDonald's is a much more demanding job.
 Quoting: JohnC 19603600

Some workers form unions. Others do not.

McDonalds has always (until recently) been a teenager's job. Part time, low wage. Kids got a little pocket money and a reference with a little education into how a real business operates. They worked summers, maybe after school a few days a week. They didn't need much money. When I was in HS kids who needed more money found higher paying work. I earned more than double a McDonalds wage as a Pizza Hut waitress.

Now that adult men and women have to take what jobs there are, to support themselves and their families, they are going to demand responsible adult wages.

They have to.

Mail delivery has always been an adult only job. Its done during the day. It requires physical strength and adult judgement.
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