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Message Subject Sooo..NYC Fast Food Workers Went On Strike. Want a Union.
Poster Handle Soultrain
Post Content
Obamas thugs killed Hostess now they after McDonalds.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28749409

You're an idiot.

I think a company with 6 CEOs in 8 years; none of whom had any bread and cake baking industry experience, where workers had taken concessions to help the company survive a previous bankruptcy, where Hostess management had already planned to close plants even if the workers accepted the cuts and stayed at work, where top executives had gotten massive raises as Hostess was about to enter bankruptcy, where investments in the company’s future, promised as part of restructuring after the previous bankruptcy, were never made, where management was put in place by private equity companies, Wall Street investors, “restructuring experts”, third-tier managers from other non-baking food companies and currently a “liquidation specialist” were all factors that helped to expedite Hostess demise. Blaming unions and the Obamanation is retarded, but his is GLP so I'm not surprised...
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