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Message Subject Sooo..NYC Fast Food Workers Went On Strike. Want a Union.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's classic divide and conquer...one guy gets $9 and hour at a different shop (same work) a union guy get $15 dollars an hour...both shops owned by the same people....very, very rich...
but to hear them tell it.....barely scrapping by....
Now the guy making $9 dollars an hour starts to think about what his daddy told him...Son we don't need no stinking union...I get a turkey every year at Christmas, and we have the nicest trailer in the park....and they call it a " Right to work state" Thats got to be good! YEEE HAAAA!!!! Beside I watch Fox news and Bill O'Reilly says unions are bad...just like the Boss man told us..It MUST BE TRUE....
Its that bad ole unions fault why everything is so expensive!!!
But what Jethro doesn't know is the union shop is making money hand over fist too....So instead of trying to improve his standard of living...He falls for Billy Os and the Boss mans Gospel...And tries to Destroy the only entity out there ( even with its faults) that will ever help him....in so doing...He only pulls the Union guy Down...now they are both shit house poor and with all the saving the boss man makes... Do you think he shares it with his workers? Hell NO !! He lobbies Congress to let him move his operation to Bangladesh.... And they give it a spiffy name like " FREE TRADE " hell that must be good too!!!!

I've worked union jobs and non union jobs...Union is better
I've been Flush and I've been broke...Flush is better
and bar non....The Cheapest..most Greedy people I have ever dealt with were ALWAYS rich...
 Quoting: Douche tester #69 2683444

Of course union jobs are better. You work less and get paid more.

It's fine if these people want to try and organize and get more money from private businesses. If these workers are really so special and in demand and can't be easily replaced, then maybe they can get what they ask for, according to market demands.

But when they try this shit with public money for government jobs, where the TAXPAYER has no say or recourse in the negotiations, and the unions end up putting their own people in political office to negotiate with, THAT'S WHERE YOU SHOULD DRAW THE LINE. Because then it is just a blatant attempt to steal money from the public purse, especially when they just end up negotiating with their own politicians for how much money they should steal from the taxpayer.
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