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Message Subject Geological storm wrecking the north west
Poster Handle Indego
Post Content
Mt Ranier was put up on the boards this year. Good fucking point you just made. I think the date for all the shit starts on the 3rd of December. Just getting going aren't we.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13469982

You know this man... As I see it not predicting just using laws of physics statistics and probability ... The potential is looming , and I'm waiting it's olny a matter if time ... Check your locations the mid west is in for a "rude" awakening... Mind blowing shut yakno
 Quoting: Indego

Wat? Midwest? Why??? I'm in MO!
 Quoting: Requiemdream

The new Madrid fault line runs right through the Eastern region of the mid west and there is a strong possibility that seismic activity is going to get increasingly more intense( bad shit ) then from the northwestern Midwest around the yellow stone area there is a possibility for a geological formation ( really bad shit)
This not to scare people but to make them aware and give them at least the opportunity to react.
Think about ir like this if your near the seismic activity in the new Madrid logic would say you should .....

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