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Message Subject Geological storm wrecking the north west
Poster Handle Indego
Post Content
...and, the current EQ map makes it look as if the Earth is fracturing from Europe, 'straight' across to the edge of Asia, then crossing the Pacific to the entire western coast of the Americas.

I don't usually follow this stuff too closely, but, i this case, the map certainly seems to be 'telling a story' all on it's own...

[link to quakes.globalincidentmap.com]

I hope it all means nothing.
 Quoting: Esoteric Morgan

Yakno something , its morel plausible to think there is a link and a chain to every theory from the scientific to the hyper religious ... And of course there is none that know the exact day or time but when all the ancient texts we used to base our civilization on state that this is going to happen and when this happens this will happen...
My point is this could be an amazing adventure that even though there are the very real possibilities of many deaths as it is foretold of ... It is more importantly the néw beginning ... It's like the reset button and the best of what's left populates anew with knowledge and understanding in place grounded in a firm knowledge of the lord and creator of all things ...the possibilities are endless and limitless ...
Think for a minute ... How productive we as human beings would be and how far we would explore and how vast our wealth of knowledge would be if we worked togerther with a mutual goal in mind ... To expand past where our fore fathers dreams and re-establish a society far surpassing our own ... A New world is being born ... And it's in the shaping process it is shedding the waste and useless from it's surface and opening to consume it's fuel ... As it settles so to will the the people settle each choosing their own individual path ...
I can go on for days but at this point I'm going to enjoy the adventure ... It'll be a story to tell the grand kids one day ...

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