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Message Subject Geological storm wrecking the north west
Poster Handle Indego
Post Content
I'm writing this from Wichita KS and -although here in SC KS we should be relatively safe from even a significant New Medrid event, Yellowstone is a very genuine concern.

All of the map projections I've seen of the extent of a YS caldera eruption indicate that even in NW KS we'd get about 18" of ashfall - here in Wichita we'd get perhaps a foot. Doesn't sound like much... but certainly enough to destroy air intakes of all machinery and cause unreinforced roofs to collapse.

Of course: all of this would be rendered moot within the following several weeks as the resultant acid rains would begin and the Earth's atmosphere starts to deteriorate to the point on uninhabitation.

So: in the longterm, A new mountain range rising from a New Madrid upheaval doesn't conern me too much.
 Quoting: Watching, Waiting... 28761715

Excuse me you mis understood one thing ... The new Madrid fault ... Think more like the American sea , the geological restructuring is the yellow stone region ... If and more so when ok faithful start spitting up debris ... Youd have very little time to contiplate the reality of a situation ...
Look at a map ... Add a sea where you know the new Madrid plate is and then diagonally down ( gravity) in a south easy manner add a mountain range ( similar to the hawiaiian islands in yellowstone park down the drought ridden south west... Or something relative to that effect

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