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Message Subject Geological storm wrecking the north west
Poster Handle Esoteric Morgan
Post Content
With all that we are going through on the East Coast in the aftermath of Sandy, I would not wish any storm on even one other person, anywhere.

So much is lost, so much has changed, and, now sinkholes are appearing all over.

Infrastructure has been compromised so badly, I can't imagine how long it will take to fix, replace and upgrade essential services.

Meanwhile, so many people are no where near getting their life back. Insurance companies are balking, and many construction companies and contractors are screwing people over. I hear this over and over again every day at my job, from people calling in need of tree repair and removal. In the face of turmoil, in come the vermin. It's heartbreaking.


I wish all of you in this new system's path a safe experience, without damage. hf
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