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Message Subject Geological storm wrecking the north west
Poster Handle DaiSeeDay
Post Content
Sorry guys- got off topic! Your all too serious n making me think that I might need to bug out but I don't feel like it because its rainy and windy cold!
 Quoting: DaiSeeDay

Right , cause it's going to be bright sunny gum drops and lollipops day when you actually do ... Jus sayin this that are aware make it ... The unaware could enough supplies hoarded away to sustain years but never use it because it was to "rainy" out to bug out ... So be aware or end up a well prepared corpse .

 Quoting: Indego

OP I getcha! Why else am I on this site but to be aware duh!!! and I am prepared but if you can't have a laugh even in the midst of horror - why live!!!
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