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Message Subject Geological storm wrecking the north west
Poster Handle Indego
Post Content

OP is just yanking chains, relax ... as much as you can living near that volcano

pdx here btw
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28606251

OP is just a little to serious and your closer to that volcano than I am. I'm south of you closer to Mt. Shasta that might get 18 feet of snow by this weekend! :)
 Quoting: DaiSeeDay

Yes I kno ., if it drops below the 4km ... It's going to be disastrous .... We're talking mud slide floods and avalanches ... Not to mention the structural damage to any building or home in it's wake ... So keep it posted ... That's all tied into the same region and storm that's being discussed ... No bs they said sandy was three storms in one this one is five storms in one in one of the mostseismiclly active areas in the world ... Think about this the waves crashing from sandy were registering on the rictor scale ... What do you thinks going to happen when those waves start crashing on the shores of an already seismically active coastline ... Do I need to draw you a picture or do you get the point
 Quoting: Indego

OP I'm listening but why don't they even have a name for this storm and why are there not very many posts here on GLP about it?
 Quoting: DaiSeeDay

Good question, I've asked myself even why haven't they named this beast ... Guess they dont want to alarm everybody and a storm of that size with a name would be a scenario of almost instant hysteria . And reason for minimal posts would be the same reason that they re-classified the severity of the initial quake ...
If the masses were made aware of a catastrophe at the same time as the gov ... It'll be chaos . Even though there are those of us that access the info there are many more that don't .. It's a form of containment . A technique actively used in the process of broadcasting news ...
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