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Message Subject Muslim woman reveals the evil truth about Islam!
Poster Handle Smashy76
Post Content

Seriously? we all know it's an evil cult full of pedophile's and chicken shit women beaters. So I'm kinda confused over the term "Reveals" as this is no secret.

I am however looking for people to invest in "PORK BOMBERS" factories. Basically, I will be purchasing land or properties located beside EVERY mosque in North America. Each "PORK BOMBERS" factory will consists of two sections. Up front will consists of an ALL YOU CAN EAT ribs, bacon and sausage extravaganza and out back will be the processing plant which will consist of a conveyor system sending massive amounts of piggies into a lot of sharp objects that will guarantee pork and little bitty piggy pieces flying onto the neighbors.

Now, I know what you're all thinking, "what about the smell?, won't that be unappetizing?" but I can assure everyone, that you will not smell the Mosque or it's inhabitants over the sweet smell of BBQ. There will also be go-go dancer's in the windows out front and to keep the neighbors at bay and un-interested, I can promise all go-go dancer's will be 21yrs or older.

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