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Message Subject Muslim woman reveals the evil truth about Islam!
Poster Handle its a secret
Post Content
shhh: I'll tell you a secret:

Islam is moon worship - which is why they have the symbol of the cresent moon (xtians have their own sun worship/ solar cross)

In about 535 CE , cometary pieces laid waste to Britian, and chunks made craters in the Gulf of Carpentaris - and caused the extreme weather of 535-536

future Brits got their retarded king arthur legends ( arcturus star , pendragon name) , and the dimmed sun worldwide led to legends of the new (SUN/SON) prophet mohammed - while the cooler weather caused by the impacts allowed the maniacs in pre saudi arabia a few coller years to rampage

ps - you are forbidden/ unable to draw the prophet mohammed because - in reality how could anyone draw the sun in all its glory? you would be unable to to - which eventually became forbidden to

they worship a piece of meteorite/ space rock like a bunch of brainwashed retards.

crazy world
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