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Message Subject Muslim woman reveals the evil truth about Islam!
Poster Handle Zeff
Post Content
Some try, but get honor killed by their own Muslim families

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward OP 28525317

that is a Mortal Kombat fatality right ? lolsign

in your video, the H.Ked "muslim" women are already in your rotten society (west) and are by default infected by it. They are by default clones of western women and dresses/behave like them. What happened to them is no surprise for me if the family claims to be faithfull. Their great mistake was their will to live in the west while remaining faithfull...the problem being they have no control over womens/daughter...and that, they should have known it...they made a bet, they lost, and paid the consequences. If they were jailed by Humans, i wouldnt be so sure God would send them to hell for this H.K at all, otherwise that would have been stupid to do it as a faithfull believer.

Usually, prevent them (through education and warnings) being envious of western society woman. However, when a muslim woman goes envious about that, she's already lost and usually nothing can be done to reverse the process.

the Prophet (asws) of Islam (~1430years ago) warned that in the end times (we are in it...), muslim mens/fathers would have to (metaphorically) tie up their wife/daughter to prevent them answering "the call" of the false messiah.
The call in this case (gay mariage is another call for example) is the liberation of the woman (aka feminism) having occured some 50 years ago and a never seen event ever in human history.
When you see a rebel muslim woman willing her status/life to be equal as a western woman, you know that this woman answered and fell for the call of false messiah.

what option has the family, either let it be since themselves arent that much into religion, or kill her (an example is given in Quran when an uterly faithless/disobediant child was killed for his parents not to become faithless due to the child, and replaced by a more faithfull one (through pregnancy)) or strip her of her family name/heritage and expell her very far from home.

when an apple is rotten, you cant reverse the process.

and where is the problem of being killed. If they were rightfull in their conduct they will get heaven sooner than they wished. However, if they were not...they will get hell sooner than expected...

it's a big bet...live for your beliefs, die for them and bear the consequences of your choice.

those honor killed woman arent that "unlucky" from my pov or is this life way better than Heaven/Paradise ?...i wouldnt mind leaving this rotten world sooner by getting killed in a way or another...just sayin...
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