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Message Subject If you are addicted to porn quit now!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Every time I try to stop, I walk around with a woody for a week or so, and all it takes is five or six strokes to do myself. I admit that I have never been able to auto-orgasm without putting my hand on it, but even getting it out to throw a leak takes me to the edge.
I usually break down because I am waking up with a piss hard-on and have been gyrating my crotch into the mattress. Then still half asleep I grab the bone and jack it off.
I end up feeling burned because there was no erotic fantasy involved and it seems like not much more than performing a function.

I have no real understanding of sex at all because I have never been in a sexual relationship that lasted more than a month or two and involving only a few bouts of sex. I haven't sexed any woman up for a terrible long count of years, and there are no prospects in sight.

I am just addicted to dancing with the devil because my life is a total void of love to the extent that even bad company is better than no company at all, when your the loneliest person alive, and everyone around you is remote like screaming across an infathomable gulf of incompatible thought, with daunting social inequality, and discontinuity in physical balance. Then sounding, and only hearing the faint unintelligible echo of my plee for Love out of desperation

I have a woman in my mind that no lady I have met, is able to compare to. And now when I think about actually screwing, I sometimes feel a little ill about the gyno aspect of it, and wonder if I had been married since I became an adult, that we would be totally in love in a way that rarely involved sexual intercourse, and mostly think that is just how I have become due to denial of physical contact from the opposite sex, and I think that it is most likely a 1 in 7 billion shot that I would have chosen the right Woman in the first place.

My medication really made my impudent way back when I was sedated, but the urge was ever present and the frustration felt like being stuffed into a straight jacket that I couldn't get out of. Ten I had friction burns trying to get myself off.

Next time I go up to Heaven, I am going to kill God stright away and save myself the agony of his bad matchmaking.
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