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Message Subject If you are addicted to porn quit now!!
Poster Handle KonspiracyKitty
Post Content
Well I suppose people can become addicted to anything really.

I don't think that happens to most viewers of pornography, but I do agree that it is harmful.

Regular viewing of pornography, especially by males, can have several bad effects.

Viewed young, it can screw up a young boy royally. Most every serial killer you can name had an abnormal pornography habit that was picked up at an abnormally young age. Many rapists and others who are violent towards women probably had a larger-than-average porn consumption as well. In a psych class I had read research how it actually interferes with normal psychosexual developement in those not already fully developed.

Pornography can also ruin people for the "real world" sex. There's so much porn out there someone can find their ideal fantasy with the ideal actors, body type, hair color, eye color, everything, and all in the ideal situation. Then, when it comes to real sex, where everything is not so ideal, there may be difficulties achieving the level of physical arousal necessary for sex. If one has gotten so used to their perfect sexual fantasy, anything less no longer cuts it.

And I'm sure there are many other problems it causes. But, just like drugs, violence, theft...there's lots of bad things in the world and we gotta live with 'em.

Anyway OP, good luck and I wish you the best.
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